Going beyond a service call 

Pest control isn’t only about controlling pests. It’s also about helping the community, including fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for entomology. We take our role in the community seriously, and we apply our knowledge, talents and resources to help our neighbors in any we can. And we don’t just wait for customers to call us. We're always out there looking on our own for ways we can help. We’re committed to community involvement. Here are just a few ways we’ve helped:  

O. Orkin Insect Zoo

As part of our commitment to education, Orkin is proud to sponsor the O. Orkin Insect Zoo, located inside the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Our multiyear partnership with the Smithsonian demonstrates the high level of trust and respect people have for our company and our people. Through this exhibit, the first sole corporate sponsorship of a Smithsonian exhibit, millions are discovering the important role insects play in our environment and the interdependent love/hate relationship that exists between bugs and people.


Orkin Hits the Classroom

Since the 1950’s Orkin men and women have shared their insect knowledge with students around the country. The tradition continues today with the Orkin Man School Presentation program, which pairs science classes with a local Orkin Man for a hands-on experience. In the picture to the left Ken Reid, a route manager in Charlotte, North Carolina takes a photo after presenting to a group of students. “I really enjoy talking to the kids”, said Ken. “Bugs are not creepy when you teach kids about the insect’s behavior and biology.”


Orkin Gives Back

Orkin held a competition which rewarded the branches with the highest customer service scores. These rewards ranged from$100 to $3,000 for the branch to use for hosting a branch function, gifts for the team members or for equipment to be used for the branch. The Augusta, Georgia branch shown in the photo to the left won $1,180 in the contest but instead of using it for themselves, they chose to donate the money to the local Ronald McDonald house. Just another example of Orkin employees giving back to the communities they serve.

Orkin Volunteers

Employees from Internal Audit, Legal and Risk Management recently completed a volunteer project at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. In just 3 short hours, they sorted 12,104 pounds of food, which was used to prepare 8,275 meals.